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dynamic BMW Performance

Welcome to Dynamic European Auto & Performance, your premier destination for BMW performance services. As enthusiasts ourselves, we built our own BMWs first to ensure perfection in every build. At Dynamic BMW Performance, we specialize in creating some of the fastest and most reliable B58 and S58 powered cars for street and drag racing. From simple exhaust upgrades to comprehensive engine enhancements, our wide range of services will elevate your BMW’s performance.

With our three shop builds as testaments to our expertise, we have extensively tested various parts, brands, and tuning combinations. This meticulous approach guarantees that the finished product we deliver will yield the best and most trusted results. Our strong relationships with top tuners, performance companies, and experienced BMW technicians further enhance our capabilities.

current shop builds

2023 BMW M3 Comp. G80 S58 900WHP

  • Equipped with Pure turbos
  • Port injected Full E85
  • Pure Transmission

2021 BMW M340i B58 800WHP

  • Features a DocRace top mount turbo
  • Port injected Full E85
  • Pure transmission

2021 BMW M340i B58 800WHP

  • Boasts a fully built block with VAC stage 3 Race head
  • Equipped with a DocRace top mount Precision 6870 turbo
  • Port injected Full E85
  • Paired with a 6-speed transmission

We are committed to delivering exceptional results through our expertise, rigorous testing, and collaborations with top tuners and performance companies. Trust us to transform your BMW into a high-performance machine that will surpass your expectations.

For a glimpse into our projects and to stay updated with the latest developments, make sure to follow us on Instagram @dynamicbmw